Kanye West’s Lawyers Send Cease and Desist to Coinye West Website

It appears as if Kanye West, the very talented rapper, and music producer,  is never far from a legal battle or random skirmish. According to the Wall Street Journal, lawyers for Kanye West filed cease-and-desist papers against the anonymous creators of a new cryptocurrency initially called Coinye West. The filing by the lawyers alleged that the anonymous coders behind Coinye West were, amongst other things, guilty of trademark infringement, and demanded that the website be deactivated, and all social media accounts associated with the website be deleted. According to the Wall Street Journal, the lawyers specifically cite the Coinye creators. According to the article, the website contained a drawn image of Kanye West on a gold medallion, an apparent send-up of the artist.

According to other reports, the founders of the originally named Coinye West ecurrency renamed as CoinyeCoin, moved their website to  coinyeco.in  an Indian tld, and launched on 07 January, when they had originally planned to launch 11 January. According to the reports, the intervention by Kanye West’s lawyers appears to have precipitated the launch.

CoinyeCoin is a type of eCurrency like BitCoin. There are several types of cryptocurency that have been created but they haven’t been very successful largely due to the problems with hackers, fraud and money laundering. The use of cryptocurrencies was recently banned by the Chinese e-commerce giant Taobao on its platform, citing new government regulations as the reason. Undoubtedly the press that this skirmish with Kanye West’s lawyers is generating will benefit the launch of CoinyeCoin.

Even by international celebrity standards Kanye West attracts more than his fair share of legal related controversy. He is dealing with an alleged assault at LAX airport. There are also current allegations of use of an unauthorised sample following the release of “Watch the Throne”. It’s not all negative however for the rap star, after all, if he gets his wish, he may soon be taking his very beautiful, and famous fiancé to the moon.

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