Music Media, Digital Media and Events Management Contracts

Music and Digital Media and Events Management

We are specialists in digital media, music contracts and events management and promotion. We have worked with several venues including concert halls, night clubs, restaurants and bars as well as promoters for both small and major events. Our music, digital media and events management service is divided into 3 parts.


Music contracts including:

• Production Agreements
• Management Contracts
• Publishing Agreement
• Distribution Deals
• 360° Deal Agreements

Event Management

Which consists of:
• Talent Booking Agreements
• Event Promotion Agreements
• Venue Booking Agreements
• Club Promotion Contracts
• DJ Booking Agreements
• Model Booking Agreements
• Fashion Show Booking Agreements
• Copyright Release forms

Digital Media

This consists of all digital related media activity such as:
• Digital Merchandising Agreements
• Digital Distribution Agreements
• Internet Television Broadcasting Agreements
• Online Video Channel Production and Distribution Agreements
• Digital Content Agreements
• Digital Music Platform Contracts
• Digital Photography Licensing
• Digital Media Marketing and Branding

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