The Story Behind Katy Perry’s Rise To Fame

This business case analysis explores the theme of the building and shaping of the ‘brand’ that is Katy Perry; the ‘pushing’ of her music the ‘product’, through the mass media to a particular demographic, from which her fan base developed and evolved. Eventually achieving substantial record sales and profit (Lathrop and Pettingrew, 1999). The commercial success of Katy Perry is beyond dispute, she is the first artist to ever have at least one song ranked in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for a full year (Rolling Stone, 2011). She has received 60 prestigious music awards and is reputed to have amassed a personal fortune of $48 million from the time of her Christian roots and debut album with Red Hill Records. She started writing and singing her own songs from just 15 years old (Celebrity net worth, 2011).

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