Mobile App Era

We are in the mobile app era. Some call it Web 3.0. Before launching into our article on the mobile app era, it should be noted that not everybody agrees that mobile constitutes a new technological wave in the evolution of the Internet.

Some commentators see mobile as part of the expansion of access to the Internet beyond the PC. In other words mobile is just another device by which you can create, collaborate and share content with other consumers and friends. It is Web 2.0 on a portable device.

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Big Pharma – does innovation come at the price of access to life-saving drugs?

Mark Twain’s characteristically tongue-in-cheek view on life is, “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” In the context of Big Pharma’s attitude to providing access to life-saving drugs, Mark Twain might equally satirically say “don’t go around saying the world owes you life.”

This short article concerns the innovation/access dichotomy between the nature and extent of pharmaceutical protection, and broadly the relationship between Big Pharma; developing nations; and least developing countries (LDCs).

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