Luxury fashion e-commerce

Luxury fashion e-commerce brand protection is one area of speciality that requires some finesse. We also advise beauty and lifestyle businesses which can be related to fashion. Specialisation in preparing website terms and conditions, registering trademarks and copyright, and advising on the on-line brand protection of textile goods, clothing, fabric design, jewellery, beauty, cosmetics and providing fashion information, means that we have built up the knowledge base over the years to maximise on-line brand protection.

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Website Copyright Infringement – how to bring a case?

Website copyright infringement is one of our specialisations within the specialisation of copyright law. I’ll come back to what this first sentence means shortly.

This article is a brief discussion on the specialist area of website copyright infringement. To a non-practitioner the area of intellectual property law can be confusing. Different fields of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright, patents, design rights, are specialist areas of practice. Additional specialisation is necessary in a particular field. Within copyright law specialisation in certain commercial fields is desirable to build up skills and practical knowledge in that specific field.

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