Entertainment licensing – Nightclub director faces sentencing

PRS for Music and PPL Entertainment Licences

Owners of nightclubs, bars and pubs should pay attention to a recent case. The Phonographic Performance Ltd V Nightclub (London) Ltd [2016] EWHC 892 (Ch) case shows what can happen if venues do not have the proper licensing for recorded music.

In short, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) applied for an injunction to stop a club owner from playing recorded music without the appropriate licence. This should have been a routine matter except the club owner ignored the PPL until it was too late.

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Guide to selling online

Making money selling online

Commentary on how website terms conditions help to make money online

The different ideas for websites through which there is some sort of buying and selling taking place is only limited by the imagination. The terms and conditions for each website idea will be different.

A decade ago If you had claimed it was possible for the average person to start a business and within a few years that same business be turning over millions of pounds you would have been laughed at. The Internet changed all that. There are countless entrepreneurial Internet millionaires who have become multi-millionaires in a relatively short period of time through e-commerce. The majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the European market that we have knowledge of are from China. But US, British and other European entrepreneurs are also turning huge profits from trading online.

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