UK Online Defamation Lawyer Explains EU Jurisdiction

UK online defamation lawyer explains the starting point for issues regarding jurisdiction in online defamation cases. The author is a specialist in online defamation cases including obtaining effective injunctions, litigating for damages and pre-action disclosure applications across all social media platforms. He can be contacted on 0207 305 7491 or at

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Confidentiality Agreements – Do You Need Them? What Should They Include?

Peter Adediran’s specialist niche area of practice is intellectual property law – both contentious and non-contentious – as it relates to digital works including trademarks;copyright; patents and database rights PAIL®Solicitors. Read more on PAIL’s ® Resource Library

Confused about the full scope of confidentiality agreements – what they’re for, and whether you need them in your business? Read on for the expert advice you need to stay protected.

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably don’t use confidentiality agreements all that often. Most business owners don’t get employees or contractors to sign confidentiality agreements; and don’t understand the full scope of what confidentiality agreements can cover, or why they should use them.

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