Online fashion industry

The online fashion industry is an area of specialisation at our firm and the purpose of this article is to provide a few relevant contractual starting points for fashion entrepreneurs, that they might chose to get further advice on, to set them apart from the rest.

When setting up a business in the fashion industry, there are a variety of legal challenges many businesses could inevitably face. As the fashion industry covers a broad spectrum of organisations, from online retailers to modelling agencies and everything in-between, the issues that may arise will vary depending on the type of establishment. We have come across all of these issues first hand, and we will cover some of the most common in this brief guide.

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Fashion show

This is a fashion show lawyer’s guide to setting up a successful fashion show. The fashion show should be an essential part of any fashion retailers brand building strategy. It builds consumer awareness of their brand and helps to sell clothes. Fashion entrepreneurs setting up online fashion retail brands ought to consider putting on an entertaining and theatrical presentation of their clothes or/and accessories on live models. Nothing else can compete with real models showcasing clothes on a catwalk as opposed to mannequins or images on a website.

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What exactly is a models lawyer? Well a models lawyer practices several different areas of law. One aspect relates to modelling, and the types of deals and issues specific to the fashion industry, modelling agencies and customers that book talent. Here are some modelling tips from a fashion lawyer.

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Modelling contracts

10 good reasons for modelling contracts between model agencies and other mother agencies; model agencies and models; and model agencies and clients that book models are:

1. A photographer introduced to the model can contact the model directly to take images. Such images may be commercially exploited leaving the model agency out of the loop.

2. Clients introduced to a model by an agency may contact the model directly cutting out the model agency.

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Modelling Agencies

What modelling agencies do is a mystery to most people. My fashion modelling career started at the tender age of 14. After finishing in the top five, in a country wide modelling contest, I began strutting my stuff in Milan and Berlin for Gucci and Agent Provocateur. But I still had no idea how a modelling agency actually worked. I decided to quit modelling when I met my husband. It will always be a delightful time of my life.

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Child Modelling

Under the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 and the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 a child aged fifteen or under cannot be engaged for paid modelling work unless the model agency obtains a children’s performance license from the local authority in the locality where the child resides.

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Fashion Modelling Agreements

Most clients try to cobble together precedents, that they find on the Internet, of modelling agreements. This appears sensible as it is far cheaper than paying a solicitor. The trouble with the template agreements you find online is that they are almost completely useless. They just do not reflect the commercial drivers nor do they deal adequately with basic contractual principles.

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