Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

As part of our general commercial practice we advise on all commercial contracts including contracts covering outsourcing, joint venture agreements, online terms and conditions, software licensing, maintenance and support, white labelling, collaboration, distribution, product, manufacturing and marketing. Our objective is to assist in business growth and bringing ideas to market. After having worked with growing Internet and entertainment businesses for nearly two decades, we are in a special position to offer strategy advice for growing businesses. We are specialists in the review or preparation of contracts, research or business documentation as follows: About Pail Solicitors 


Fund-raising contracts
  • Fund raising consulting
  • Application for shares
  • Share valuation
  • Terms and conditions for share application
Acquisitions and Sales Contracts
  • Share sale and purchase
  • Asset sale and purchase
  • Assignment & Novation contracts
  • Business purchase
Business Structure
  • Share holder agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Terms of business
  • joint ventures
  • Sales contracts
  • Supplier agreements
  • Consultancy agreements

Start Up Documentation

Pre-business plan reports
  • Patent, trademark and copyright searches
  • Confidentiality
  • Regulatory, legislative and soft law barriers to entry
  • Non disclosure
  • Non circumvention Restrictive covenants


Booking – Production – Management – Distribution – Sales – Publishing
  • Talent contracts
  • Venue booking
  • Venue booking
  • Band performance
  • Production contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Publishing contracts

To learn more about how we have helped other clients take a look at our case studies. 

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