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“… remarkable…knowledge and experience of copyright and trademark law defeated the best efforts of four different large well-resourced law firms over a two-year period (since the beginning of 2017)…I highly recommend…PAIL Solicitors…”

    • Our copyright dispute practice for businesses & individuals is part of our intellectual property practice which includes Trademarks; Copyrights; Design Rights; Patents. Also related to copyrights are information rights including database rights; confidential information; and reputation management.



    • Our copyright litigation practice focuses on representing claimants and defendants with respect to their conduct using digital platforms. In other words, any platform through which a business conducts its affairs online – including its websites, applications for mobile, tablet and other smart devices and application program interfaces. We focus only on copyright works within our niche.



The types of works involved are:

design notes
online video
digital music files
digital films
digital TV


Why Choose Us?

1. We are digital copyright specialists. Our expertise gives us an insight into the issues that will become relevant to prove infringement or lack thereof. Choosing our firm to represent you in your digital related copyright dispute will give you the advantage over non-digital litigation specialists.

2. Copyright cases are complicated. Not all cases will be straightforward with copyright disputes it is not easy to prove that your code or database has been copied. Not all cases will come in a perfect package. We represent clients in cases where expertise is needed to prove copyright infringement and it might mean creating or helping to evolve the law.

3. We have a deep wealth of experience in website related copyright cases including experience of non-literal copying focusing on areas that are not typically capable of copyright including on whether there was copying of those elements of the original that were capable of copyright protection adaptations of digital coding and databases.
In conclusion, we above all we are a full-service intellectual property practice focused on digital media projects. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email Our sole principal Peter Adediran is a UK licensed lawyer, therefore focuses on UK and EU. Our consultant Richard Jefferson is a California licensed lawyer, therefore advises on US and Californian law.

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