What is actually copyrightable?

What is actually copyrightable? In a recent IPEC case the issue of what is actually copyrightable arose. Most copyright cases are mostly consumed with what is actually copyrightable? Only about four of the first few reported intellectual property cases of 2015 have caught my attention enough to be worth a quick article review, McCormack Trading v. Goldmark Trading is definitely one of them.

SO WHAT IS ACTUALLY COPYRIGHTABLE? Judgment was handed down by His Honour Judge Hacon on the 22 January 2015. The judgment is worthy of note for the specific reason that the firm gets a lot of copyright related enquiries from authors/owners of – books, TV commission proposals, film scripts, websites and mobile apps to name a few. Naturally I explain that only certain works are capable of copyright protection and there are other hurdles including original authorship to get over. What McCormack does is to give an actual recent working example of how copyright works in practice.

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Copyright Recorded Music

This report discusses the future of copyright recorded music law in relation to the recorded music industry. The way we access, produce, distribute, store and consume recorded music has changed dramatically with the introduction of the internet. This change has meant that the current copyright laws have to be brought in line with the consumer`s change in perception of choice and access to recorded music. Adapting copyright law to meet the perception of choice and access to recorded music is proving controversial.

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