Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

What we do?

We are experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain related agreements. Our firm has had spectacular success assisting with advising on the legal aspects of launching and building successful cryptocurrency and blockchain related businesses. We have experience providing legal support on white papers; launching cryptocurrency purchasing funds, that offer convertible sophisticated financial instruments derived from Appcoins; setting up cryptocurrency exchanges; providing escrow services including secure cold nanos, hot and lukewarm storage of coins; and blockchain related CRM, ERP & other blockchain related technologies – so we are in the best position to advise on cryptocurrency related projects.

Our services include:

Advising and drafting:


  • ICO Terms and Conditions
  • Cryptocurrency Purchasing Agreements including advice on payment terms and KPIs
  • Freelance Cryptocurrency Purchasing Consultancy Agreements
  • Cryptocurrency Escrow Agreements
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies


  • Advising on escrow between parties for receiving and paying with cryptocurrencies
  • Advising on AML/KYC/MSB
  • Advising on secure storage of coins

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