Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

As cryptocurrency lawyers, we are positive about CCs. Cryptocurrency and blockchain digital projects are amongst the fastest growing sectors within digital innovation at the moment.

Our thesis on crypto is that:

  • They are inherently valuable.
  • It is at the forefront of transforming human interactions between people, corporations and governments.
  • The technology will eventually replace the underlying financial services infrastructure of the private and public sector.
  • The blockchain is not going away, and the technology will only evolve not disappear.
  • Need for trusted third parties to maintain records will be reshaped and centralised networks will be phased out by decentralised networks
  • CCs have enough identity and security and resilience that exceeds that of centralised banking systems which can crash. The hacks that happen are not a
    result of people stealing from blockchain, which is almost impossible.
  • The volatility of trading CCs is manageable.

As long as the above six thesis remains a fact cryptocurrency is here to stay.


Our Cryptocurrency law practice is part of our information technology practice. It includes hardware and outsourcing contracts.

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Investing in CCs

Timing is everything in buying CCs. The skill is knowing how to identify and buy the CCs with long-term product value and holding them. The timing and understanding of the Appcoin product is purchase excellence. Even figuring out the exchange rates is important. Not only do rates depend on the time of day during which you’re looking to make a purchase, but there is also a major difference between various exchange platforms.

What we do?

We are expert cryptocurrency lawyers. The firm has had success in cryptocurrency, for instance, assisting with advising on the legal aspects of successful cryptocurrency businesses. We provide legal support including on white papers; cryptocurrency purchasing funds; setting up cryptocurrency exchanges; providing escrow services; and blockchain related CRM, ERP & other blockchain related technologies.

Contracts & Processes

ICO Terms and Conditions
Cryptocurrency Purchasing Agreements including advice on payment terms and KPIs
Freelance Cryptocurrency Purchasing Consultancy Agreements
Cryptocurrency Escrow Agreements
Cryptocurrency Exchange Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies
Advising on escrow between parties for receiving and paying with cryptocurrencies
Advising on AML/KYC/MSB
Advising on secure storage of coins

Our sole principal has owned and managed Optireum a subscription only cryptocurrency consultancy since 2014 with offices in London and Hamburg. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your cryptocurrency and blockchain project.

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