Data Protection Lawyers

Our services include:


  • Mitigating the reputational and financial risks of criminal regulatory investigation and fines
  • Advising on minimal level of cyber and data liability cover
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • Umbrella Liability Cover
  • Sensitive Data Security
  • Data Transfer Compliance
  • Business Development Related Warranties & Protections

Our firm specialises in representing tech vendors and licensors; assisting entrepreneurs; and guiding digital start-ups to take their idea through to execution. Advising on data protection is a fundamental part of advising tech vendors. We focus on 5 main aspects:

1. Advice on Cyber and data liability insurance cover.
This is not mandatory by law. However we recommend and advise on this from the perspective of (a) best internal risk management; and (b) business development.
2. Advice on current data protection laws.
The current English data protection law is the Data Protection Act 1998.
The important thing to remember is that there are 8 rules in using personal data forming the core guiding principles. There is a new EU data protection regulation coming into force on 25 May 2018 GDPR and it is applicable to UK law post Brexit.
3.Advice on Umbrella Liability Cover does not necessarily include Cyber and data liability cover.
4. Advice on complying with data protection obligations.
Do you need to comply? Does your organisation hold personal information? What constitutes personal information? What constitutes a breach of your obligations? What are your obligations to give notice if there has been a data breach? What are the exemptions afforded by the Act? Are you transferring personal data outside the EEA?
5. Advice on risk management and business development relating to cyber and data liability.

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