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Arguably, the digital media sector is still the fastest growing technological sector. There is probably no other sector delivering change as quickly and enabling small business to leverage ideas and know-how as efficiently.

At PAIL® we are very fortunate to have clients that are continually attempting to harness the potential of the digital space to improve lives and change the way we do business. We speak the language of these entrepreneurs and share their aspirations.

Few industries deliver change that’s as fast and far-reaching in its impact as the technology, media and digital sectors. Technological developments and expanding media platforms are changing the way we live, and they underpin the way we do business.

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What is digital media law?

For us, digital media law is law focused on digital media technologies and the related products and services provided via digital technology platforms. That means mainly websites and mobile apps, but it also means software, ebooks, digital TV, films, podcasts – really all digital, technology and media.

The areas we practice that are directly related to digital media are terms and conditions for B2C, B2B, B2B2C and M2C, M2B, M2B2C, GDPR compliant privacy policy, confidential information (non-disclosure agreements, non-circumvention agreements, reputation management (online defamation claims and cyberstalking).

Our practice focuses on digital technologies and innovations for businesses and entrepreneurs. We are always at the leading edge of new technologies including Cryptocurrency & Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Media Related Contracts & Disputes

We are specialists in reviewing and preparing mobile app and website contracts. PAIL® has blue-chip experience of leveraging digital technological innovations in international markets through licensing, white labelling, outsourcing and other related agreements.

The process of web and app development is the most common area of dispute and expense in any digital innovation project.

The following are the contracts and types of dispute resolutions in which we have deep experience:


  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • GDPR Privacy Policy
  • Web/App Development Agreement
  • digital innovation licenses and assignments
  • white label agreement
  • Design and Developer Consultancy Agreements
  • SLAs
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Outsourcing SEO and website management agreement
  • Disputes

  • Breach of a non-disclosure agreement
  • Breach of web/app development agreement
  • Breach of Non-circumvention agreement
  • Termination of consultant contract
  • Breach of a digital service provider contract


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