Promoter contracts 10 reasons for a booking agent to have a contract with venues and artists in show biz

Promoter contracts

Promoter contracts are crucial in the entertainment industry where booking agents, promoters, celebrities or DJs, can make or break an event.

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Promoter Contracts

Promoter contracts govern the relationship between the promoter and the booking agent, venue, contractor, venue, artist or other promoters. A promoter acts as intermediary between a booking agent, venue, contractor, and the artist/other promoters. By artists I mean performance artists including: singers, DJ’s, dancers, actors, models, poets, conductors, choreographers, magicians and broadcast journalists.
Sometimes the artist is also the promoter. Sometimes the promoter and the artist are separate. Well known artists are usually represented by a talent agency or booking agency – the contractor (for example Rihanna is represented by Richard De La Font Agency). Lesser known artists usually contract directly with a third party booking agent.
The 10 good reasons for a contract between a promoter, booking agent and the venue and the booking agent and the artists are:
1. The artist/promoter can contact the venue directly leaving the booking agent out of the loop.
2. Protect the reputation of the booking agent and promoter.
3. Making sure promoters deliver the guests.
4. Ensuring compensation for cancellations.
5. Dealing with return of minimum spend deposit on the bar.
6. Dealing with ticketing.
7. What is the technical specification? Addressing equipment access, sound-check and lighting.
8. Set out clearly the responsibilities of the venue and/or artist. For the venue it will include security, complementary food, drink, transport and insurance. For the artists it will include turning up, playing the right music, giving a decent performance, promoting the brand, and respecting the dress code.
9. Force majeure – circumstances under which the contract can be breached.
10. Photography, filming, broadcasting and merchandising rights for film, TV, radio and social media.
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