Guide to selling online

Making money selling online

Commentary on how website terms conditions help to make money online

The different ideas for websites through which there is some sort of buying and selling taking place is only limited by the imagination. The terms and conditions for each website idea will be different.

A decade ago If you had claimed it was possible for the average person to start a business and within a few years that same business be turning over millions of pounds you would have been laughed at. The Internet changed all that. There are countless entrepreneurial Internet millionaires who have become multi-millionaires in a relatively short period of time through e-commerce. The majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the European market that we have knowledge of are from China. But US, British and other European entrepreneurs are also turning huge profits from trading online.

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Illegal website products

Illegal website products – Can I legally sell any products on my website?

Whether you are building an online market place (e.g. a platform for buying and selling electronic goods for which you charge a fee), or an ecommerce or ebusiness platform (e.g. you are selling electronic goods directly to the consumer or supplying other businesses), illegal website products should be a consideration for you. You need to know what you can sell and why you are prohibited from selling certain products.

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Luxury fashion e-commerce

Luxury fashion e-commerce brand protection is one area of speciality that requires some finesse. We also advise beauty and lifestyle businesses which can be related to fashion. Specialisation in preparing website terms and conditions, registering trademarks and copyright, and advising on the on-line brand protection of textile goods, clothing, fabric design, jewellery, beauty, cosmetics and providing fashion information, means that we have built up the knowledge base over the years to maximise on-line brand protection.

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Starting up an online fashion retail business

Make sure you know the exact target market for your product. This is a priority because it will shape your branding and visual aesthetics. It will assist you in any marketing campaigns or promotions tactics you employ to boost sales. You should take legal advice for any promotion or marketing campaign. If it includes a digital aspect you should ensure that the lawyer you use has some specialisation in digital.

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Fashion design retail

Historically, fashion design retail has often had a reputation of a set of people who spent most of the time drinking expensive wine and eating rich food at swanky parties. Fashion designers were sometimes perceived as creative but lacking business acumen. The fashion industry no longer has a perception problem. Today it is recognised as serious multinational corporate business. The global fashion industry is reported to be worth more than $1.5 trillion

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