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Fashion law falls under our digital media practice, although it is also related to intellectual property and entertainment law in some circumstances. We offer three areas – fashion e-tail, contracts and design rights management which are both contentious and non-contentious.

Fashion Contracts & Disputes

The areas in which we provide services are:

Established Retailers

  • breach of fashion agreements
  • design rights registration & infringement
  • copyright infringement
  • trademark infringement
  • employee and consultancy agreements
  • defending fashion businesses reputation management
  • defending false advertising claims
  • supplier contracts
  • supply chain management contracts
  • merchandising contracts
  • licensing contracts
  • manufacturing agreements
  • distribution contracts
  • social media campaign liability

Business Start-Up

  • setting up an online fashion business
  • starting up a pop-up shop
  • external funding
  • buyer contracts
  • website terms conditions
  • privacy policies
  • partnership agreements
  • showroom agreements
  • consignment agreement

We are a full-service digital media, intellectual property, and entertainment law practice. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email

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