Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

We advise on all types of intellectual property. This means so-called industrial property – trademarks, patents. Also – copyright, design rights, and database rights.

The practice consists of dispute matters. Examples of contentious matters are litigation, arbitration, oppositions. Matters that do not involve court litigation are also included in our practice. Examples of matters not involving court disputes are – contracts covering outsourcing, joint venture agreements, online terms, and conditions, licensing, maintenance and support, white labelling, distribution, manufacturing and marketing.

We are specialists at where intellectual property infringement meets digital innovation.

But what is Intellectual Property?

So all intellectual property refer to concepts of the mind. Ideas of the mind that are not able to be touched in a physical way.


    1. These include:


      1. brand names, logos and designs.
      2. Inventions.
      3. Literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works.
      4. Databases.


Our intellectual property infringement practice areas are divided into:


  • Trademarks and Patents


  • Copyright; Design Rights; and Database Rights


Trademarks (for instance: brand names, logos and designs)

Signs used to identify the source of a particular provider of goods and services. Trademarks can be registered and unregistered. The purpose is to provide a unique identifier. Use of a trademark without consent is discouraged because the owner of the trademark can claim for trademark infringement.

The common issues are:

      1. Trademark Design Infringement
      2. Trademark Passing Off
      3. Trademark Parallel Importing
      4. Trademark Jurisdiction
      5. Unusual Trademarks
      6. Likelihood of Confusion
      7. EU Trademark
      8. International Registration
      9. Trademark Valuation


Copyright (Literary, Musical, Artistic, Dramatic Works) – Database Rights – Design Rights

Works relating to the expression of ideas. We mainly deal with copyright infringement damages. Because we are focused on online platforms, we have a depth of experience in this file but, our practice includes online platforms.


Inventions are new because they must be novel. To register a patent it must either provide a new way of doing something to improve on prior art or solve a technical problem. Patents must be novel. It is important to keep information about a patent onfdidential.

Common issues are:

      • Patent infringement claims
      • Software Patent Registration
      • IP Audits
      • Patent Licensing
      • Patent Assignment



We are a full-service intellectual property practice focused on digital media projects. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email Our sole principal Peter Adediran is a UK licensed lawyer, therefore focuses on UK and EU. Our consultant Richard Jefferson is a California licensed lawyer, therefore advises on US and Californian law.

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