IP Claims

IP Claims

We offer dedicated IP claims services in the specific areas of copyright, passing off, trademarks, patents, design rights, database rights and in the IP related practice areas of technology and entertainment law. We advise on all types of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration. To learn more about how we have helped other clients take a look at our case studies. Our services include:

Intellectual Property Law

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark disputes
  • Passing off litigation
  • Design rights claims
  • Database rights disputes
  • Patent infringement claims

I.T Law

  • Maintenance Distribution
  • Agency Arrangements
  • Software and Hardware Contracts
  • Outsourcing Contracts
  • Wholesale broadband issues
  • Service level agreement disputes
  • Shareholder and consultancy disputes
  • Cloud Computing Software Development

Entertainment Law

  • Breach of confidence
  • Non-circumvention agreements
  • Venue and talent booking contracts
  • Live and on demand streaming video disputes



We are a full-service information rights and intellectual property law practice. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email support@pailsolicitors.co.uk. Our sole principal Peter Adediran is a UK licensed lawyer, therefore focuses on UK and EU. Our consultant Richard Jefferson is a California licensed lawyer, therefore advises on US and Californian law.

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