Modelling contracts 10 reasons to have written modelling contracts

Modelling contracts

10 good reasons for modelling contracts between model agencies and other mother agencies; model agencies and models; and model agencies and clients that book models are:

1. A photographer introduced to the model can contact the model directly to take images. Such images may be commercially exploited leaving the model agency out of the loop.

2. Clients introduced to a model by an agency may contact the model directly cutting out the model agency.

3. The conditions attached to the use of images can be clearly set out, including: number of images; type of published medium (i.e. posters, billboards, catalogues, Internet, magazine and TV); and length of use of images.

4. To specify the rates for client bookings including: hourly or daily rate; overtime; travel and fitting fees.

5. To specify the relationship between the model agency and the models; the model agency and the client; the model agency and other model agencies in the chain.

6. To set out the circumstances in which there can be a breach of contract.

7. To agree the territory in which the agency will represent the model.

8. To provide the agency with a power of attorney allowing the agency to take care of a variety of transactions for the model.

9. Avoid any accusation of undue influence or misrepresentation.

10. To specify the rates between agencies and the agency and the model.

The Association of Model Agents issue standard terms and conditions relating to models. Take a look at their website.


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