Music Solicitors

Our firm supports creative arts. Although we are at the forefront of the digital age music to us is not mere ‘content’.

We regard the creative people in our world as people whose talents and hard work should be cherished and highly valued; deserving of the means to earn a decent living.

The firm represents composers, producers, recording engineers, authors and marketing consultants within the music industry.

Who will use our services

Our service is for “musicians”, by which we mean musician, songwriter, artist, or composer.
Our firm also acts for “management”, by which we mean managers, producers, or agents.

What you might need help with

  • Launching your record label.
  • Confused about a recording contract.
  • Not new to the music business but need to get up to speed on digital technologies such as setting up a
    digital music website.
  • Hiring a manager.
  • Signing new artists.
  • List item

Why choose us

Why would anybody need another music lawyer? There are plenty of such lawyers out there already.

At PAIL we do not merely duplicate template agreements, go through the motions, and recycle existing knowledge.

We apply our own music business experience to each issue or subject matter our clients face.

Sure, we drill down to the nitty-gritty of the law, but we feel it is more important to put each new task in its perspective.

Learn more about our music practice

Traditional Music Industry

We have experience in the music industry of old.

Record companies produced a physical product such as vinyl recordings, tapes, CDs, to be sold to consumers.

In the old days, producers and A&R staff at the label had close long term relationships with stars.

Artists would develop with the label over long periods. Often releasing only a few songs but most of which would be massive hits.

The old recording, publishing, promotional and distribution contracts have given way to new 360 degree deals in the digital age.

We specialise in the space where the traditional music contracts meet with the new emerging music business.

Digital Music

As experts in the law and commercial terms concerning digital streaming and downloading of music files, we understand the technical detail right down to megabytes, gigabytes, and file-format conversions.

Talking websites, then we are the firm. Without a doubt, the Internet is the catalyst for the change in the music business, outside of the original phonograph.

Digital music files reduced in size by the MP3 format and downloaded or streamed across multiple internet-enabled devices are the de facto way music is consumed.


So if you are seeking assistance with terms and conditions for a digital music platform or the standard necessary music industry contracts, please get in touch.

Let us know if you want any of the following music industry contracts:

1. Project/band contract
2. Transfer of rights to musicians and singers
3. Agreements with collection societies and publishers
4. Recording contract
5. Distribution contracts
6. Guest performance contracts
7. Producer and remix contracts
8. Management and agency contracts

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