What is actually copyrightable?

What is actually copyrightable? In a recent IPEC case the issue of what is actually copyrightable arose. Most copyright cases are mostly consumed with what is actually copyrightable? Only about four of the first few reported intellectual property cases of 2015 have caught my attention enough to be worth a quick article review, McCormack Trading v. Goldmark Trading is definitely one of them.

SO WHAT IS ACTUALLY COPYRIGHTABLE? Judgment was handed down by His Honour Judge Hacon on the 22 January 2015. The judgment is worthy of note for the specific reason that the firm gets a lot of copyright related enquiries from authors/owners of – books, TV commission proposals, film scripts, websites and mobile apps to name a few. Naturally I explain that only certain works are capable of copyright protection and there are other hurdles including original authorship to get over. What McCormack does is to give an actual recent working example of how copyright works in practice.

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Digital Start Ups Marketing

In this article we take you through digital start Ups marketing. This article helps as a guide in the process towards producing an effective marketing campaign for your new digital start up.

Planning for the future
In order to understand what you want your marketing effort to achieve for you it is important to have a business plan. Where do you want your business to be? How does that change over time? What products and/or services do you offer? Think about how your products or services fulfill a need or solve a problem for a potential customer. How is your product or service different from other companies within your sector? What makes yours stand out? Who might be interested and who may benefit from having access to what you offer? Understanding your unique selling point is the first step in identifying your ideal target audience.

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Handling VAT collection for digital businesses

Handling VAT collection for digital businesses changed as of 01 January 2015.

As from the 01 January 2015 handling vat collection for digital businesses will change. The rules for taxing the supply of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronically supplied services to consumers (TBES) will change. The “place of supply” for VAT purposes used to be the jurisdiction in which the supplier business was established, usually resides or belongs. From tomorrow, VAT will now be due and collected on digital goods and services in the member state in which the consumer resides.

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Applications of chemicals in the entertainment industry

Chemistry plays a part in the production of virtually everything. In fact, everyone on the planet is a chemist, but most people don’t realise it. Think about every time you brush your teeth, or make a cup of tea, or cook something – when you do these things you are reacting chemicals together.

As our understanding of chemistry develops, we are able to do more elaborate things with chemicals, some of which can be quite entertaining. I will set out how some chemicals are used, in the entertainment industry, to illustrate this point.

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5 Ways To Make It In Today’s Music Industry

Its official! The major music labels have abandoned the traditional business model where the goal is to sell music. With the emergence of successful streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Yala Music, Deezer, and probably twenty-plus others, it is impossible for a company to make money if it depends solely on consumers purchasing music. Not only are sales (both physical and digital downloads) down, but the revenue generated through streaming services is only a fraction of what sales use to generate back in the “good ole days”.

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Greatest innovations

The origins of patents are not clear. Several different countries lay claim to having the first patent system. According to the intellectual property office website – http://www.ipo.gov.uk/p-history.htm (the IPO Website) – Britain has the longest continuous patent tradition in the world. This assertion refers to the Crown’s practice of granting privileges to subjects in return for carrying out some corresponding duty. These grants were made in letters patents, which had no checks or balances, they were simply bestowed within the power of the Crown. The IPO website refers to the grants by Henry VI to John of Utynam in 1449

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Internet Slander

Internet slander is when a person or a group of people use the Internet to falsely vilify; libel; slander; spread malicious gossip and/or to harass others. They usually do it either to gain a competitive advantage or to settle a score or through pure malevolence due to envy. These people have established certain patterns of behaviour. Below are a few tips in dealing with Internet slander should you have the misfortune of becoming a victim.

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Music royalties

Music royalties and copyright are the music industry’s currency. Although the concept of copyright and music royalties might appear straightforward, in fact the development and adjustments of music copyright, and licensing systems has changed significantly over the years. And although much of the traditional legal framework is still in place the music industry has and is undergoing significant changes.

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Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the subject matter of this article. Certain comments by Newey J, further to an application brought by the claimant in the case below are of interest to those who specialise in copyright matters. In giving judgment he commented that a copyright infringer was more akin to a trespasser than a thief. It is of some general interest because the words – “theft” , “piracy” and “stealing” are commonly used when referring to copyright infringement. So despite this being a slightly dated Judgment, taking place at the beginning of this year, for copyright infringement enthusiasts everywhere, I decided to review the case.

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Intellectual Property Indemnity

The importance of an intellectual property indemnity clause in a commercial contract?

My latest case review is a little late in being written up due to my work load but here goes. It’s the recent case in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, of, (1st Claimant) Data Marketing & Secretarial Limited (DMSL), (2nd Claimant) Winning Deals Limited (WDL) – and – (1st Defendant) S&S Enterprises Limited (SSEL), (2nd Defendant) Selective Marketplace Limited (SML), heard on the 08th April 2014. Judgment was handed down by His Honour Judge Hacon on 16/05/2014.

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Legal Disclosure

Legal disclosure of information is one of the most useful tools you can deploy in any litigation. Getting evidence with which to prove your case is probably the most important element of any litigation

This post is a review of the recent legal disclosure related reported case of Wilko Retail Ltd (Claimants) v Buyology Ltd (Defendants) heard on the 02 July 2014 [2014] EWHC 2221 (IPEC) (the “Wilko case”)

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Accepting Website Terms

Accepting website terms is often overlooked by business owners although every serious Internet business owner knows that they must have website terms and conditions of business. here is not much point having well thought out and drafted bespoke website terms without dealing with accepting website terms.

The case of Orvec International Limited v. Linfoots Limited is a very good case in point. Heard on the 06th May 2014, judgment was handed down on the 18 June 2014 by HH Judge Hacon.

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Mobile App Era

We are in the mobile app era. Some call it Web 3.0. Before launching into our article on the mobile app era, it should be noted that not everybody agrees that mobile constitutes a new technological wave in the evolution of the Internet.

Some commentators see mobile as part of the expansion of access to the Internet beyond the PC. In other words mobile is just another device by which you can create, collaborate and share content with other consumers and friends. It is Web 2.0 on a portable device.

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