Our patents practice for businesses & individuals is part of our intellectual property practice which includes Trademarks; Copyrights; and Design Rights both contentious and non-contentious. The patent practice focuses on supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs. Securing and enforcing patent protection and registered design protection for inventions are an important part of providing a business with the competitive edge required in a fast-moving and highly competitive business space. There are three main reasons why you should choose our patent practice.

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We provide fixed cost services. Often, start-ups face patents created by existing players that use these patents as an entry barrier for new entrants. Patents can be a barrier to entry for any hardware, software or industrial technology-related project. We provide well-researched diligent patent infringement opinions on the infringement risks of the features of your products, and the possibilities of protecting your ideas with a patent so you can create, and maintain a market entry barrier for your competitors.

Our expertise

Our sole principal and founder – Mr Peter Adediran – has a technical background and experience in Internet and web technologies including attending an MSc in Multimedia Technology for E-commerce. With an additional two decades of experience in intellectual property. A good patent lawyer should have some academic background as well specialist experience in the particular field of patents as well as having a good knowledge of the trademark and copyright system to protect and enforce patent, design, trademark and copyrights for clients’ inventions, trademarks and business methodologies.

Practice Areas

We are specialists in specifically in reviewing and providing advice and assistance relating to the following:

  • Technology Market Entry Barrier Reports
  • Indistrial Technology, Hardware and Software Patent Registration
  • Technology Patent Enforcement

We advise on patents relating to all industrial and digital products, digital services, sales and marketing.


We are a full-service information technology law practice focused on all types of innovations. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email Our sole principal Peter Adediran is a UK licensed lawyer, therefore focuses on UK and EU. Our consultant Richard Jefferson is a California licensed lawyer, therefore advises on US and Californian law.

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