Peter Adediran

Peter Adediran, LLB, PGDip LPC

E-commerce award winning Intellectual Property, Digital Media and Entertainment Lawyer

    1. Peter Adediran runs PAIL® Solicitors focused on SME businesses, talent and management. Peter is a contentious and non-contentious Internet Lawyer with +10 years experience.

His practice areas are:

Intellectual Property

Copyright; Trademarks; Passing off; Patents; Database Rights; and Design Rights

Digital Media

Data Protection; Confidential Information; Digital Platforms (Websites, Mobile Apps etc); Fashion e-tail; Reputation management


Music Law; and Modelling

Peter is a current candidate on the Judicial Work Shadow Programme within the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, Patents Courts and the Copyright Tribunal.

In October 2004 a NOP poll of over 22,000 online professionals’ voted Peter Adediran as one of the 100 key influencers and drivers in the field of U.K. e-commerce. The online professionals were members of London based e-Consultancy, an online trade organisation and publisher.

Peter is the author of A Practical Guide to Business Law and the Internet, published 2002 by Kogan Page – order the book on Amazon here.

Peter trained in the City of London and has worked for Magic Circle City law firms.

He has worked in the U.K., U.S. and Spain as company secretary and company solicitor for Public and Private Companies including Angel Investment Companies, Venture Capitalists, a leading FTSE 100 Insurance Company.

Peter was consultant solicitor on a multi-billion dollar acquisition by of the NHS Electronic Data Interchange system for conversion into B2B extranet system for the purchase and supply of medicines.

He has been Professor of Business, Law and the Internet at the European University, Barcelona, Spain.

He also frequently participates on panels of expert intellectual property attorneys worldwide providing learning resources to other lawyers – the latest being Atlanta U.S. based education publisher CLE-CPD Webinar on the New European Copyright Directive: Fundamental Shift From U.S. Policy – Enforceability for U.S. Companies, Required Licensing Agreements, Take Down Policies, Preparing for Compliance Click Here For Details

In addition to participating in webinars and round-table discussions, he contributes to several professional publications; and has been invited as a guest legal expert on broadcast television: BBC Two – Euro-News; and has been the guest speaker at various universities and corporations to speak on intellectual property, digital technology and intellectual property legal and regulatory related matters.

As well as running PAIL® Solicitors, Peter has owned and managed Optireum a cryptocurrency consultancy since 2014.


About Peter Adediran

Read more about Peter Adediran on his personal blog. Read Peter Adediran’s PAIL® Articles Resource Library or keep up with him on Linkedin.

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