Healthcare Mobile App Technologies and Law

It has been a ground-breaking period for innovation and advances in the health care mobile app sector. Working on an acquisition attempt in 2003 by Medibuy Inc of the NHS data transfer framework brought my first taste of health sector technology. At that time the Internet, Intranets, Extranets and HTTPS – secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol were setting the new trends in health care technological innovation. Mobile Apps have long since taken over.

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Copyright infringement on You Tube

The first rule about copyright infringement on You Tube is that copyright infringement on You Tube is not like copyright infringement on other platforms. You Tube has it’s own application of copyright laws. We often get asked by production studios to write contracts for consultants, contractors, clients and so on. These consultants monetise digital channels on You Tube with original content that has been created by the studio for a TV series, or other media channel.

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Internet Slander

Internet slander is when a person or a group of people use the Internet to falsely vilify; libel; slander; spread malicious gossip and/or to harass others. They usually do it either to gain a competitive advantage or to settle a score or through pure malevolence due to envy. These people have established certain patterns of behaviour. Below are a few tips in dealing with Internet slander should you have the misfortune of becoming a victim.

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Music royalties

Music royalties and copyright are the music industry’s currency. Although the concept of copyright and music royalties might appear straightforward, in fact the development and adjustments of music copyright, and licensing systems has changed significantly over the years. And although much of the traditional legal framework is still in place the music industry has and is undergoing significant changes.

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Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the subject matter of this article. Certain comments by Newey J, further to an application brought by the claimant in the case below are of interest to those who specialise in copyright matters. In giving judgment he commented that a copyright infringer was more akin to a trespasser than a thief. It is of some general interest because the words – “theft” , “piracy” and “stealing” are commonly used when referring to copyright infringement. So despite this being a slightly dated Judgment, taking place at the beginning of this year, for copyright infringement enthusiasts everywhere, I decided to review the case.

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Legal Disclosure

Legal disclosure of information is one of the most useful tools you can deploy in any litigation. Getting evidence with which to prove your case is probably the most important element of any litigation

This post is a review of the recent legal disclosure related reported case of Wilko Retail Ltd (Claimants) v Buyology Ltd (Defendants) heard on the 02 July 2014 [2014] EWHC 2221 (IPEC) (the “Wilko case”)

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Modelling contracts

10 good reasons for modelling contracts between model agencies and other mother agencies; model agencies and models; and model agencies and clients that book models are:

1. A photographer introduced to the model can contact the model directly to take images. Such images may be commercially exploited leaving the model agency out of the loop.

2. Clients introduced to a model by an agency may contact the model directly cutting out the model agency.

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