How to deal with cease desist intellectual property enforcement threats?

This article deals with receiving and sending intellectual property infringement communications. If you are seeking advice on bringing or defending a trademark infringement or other intellectual property infringement claim and have read this article, you must take the opportunity to go and seek professional legal advice from a solicitor or barrister.

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High Court copyright infringement win

Peter Adediran’s specialist niche area of practice is intellectual property law – both contentious and non-contentious – as it relates to digital works including photographs; text; databases; video; music PAIL Solicitors. Read more on PAIL’s Resource Library

Successful conclusion to High Court website digital product catalogue and text copyright infringement claim November 2018.

Cornices Centre Ltd v (1) Fibrous Plasters Ltd (2) Angelika Zdrojewska (3) Andrzej Olenski IP-2017-000157

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