Mobile App Era

We are in the mobile app era. Some call it Web 3.0. Before launching into our article on the mobile app era, it should be noted that not everybody agrees that mobile constitutes a new technological wave in the evolution of the Internet.

Some commentators see mobile as part of the expansion of access to the Internet beyond the PC. In other words mobile is just another device by which you can create, collaborate and share content with other consumers and friends. It is Web 2.0 on a portable device.

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Google Glass

According to a recent article on the Mashable website 72% of Americans have privacy concerns over Google Glass. The main objections to Google Glass are not its massive price tag – $1,500 before tax – or the bad press that some of its users have been getting, it’s privacy concerns.

According to a report released by Toluna – a market research organisation – 72% of Americans don’t want to wear Google Glass due to privacy concerns. Potential users are concerned about security breaches revealing personal data and geo-location data. There was also a perception that the glasses would interfere or distract the wearer from concentration leading to potential safety issues including susceptibility to crime.

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Keywords trade mark infringement

keywords trade mark infringement

Keywords trade mark infringement – The interflora case is reviewed in this article.

On the 12 August 2009 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales referred the case of:

Interflora Inc, Interflora British Unit v Marks & Spencer plc, Flowers Direct Online Limited to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (ECJ)

for a preliminary ruling, case C-323/09.

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