High Court copyright infringement win

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Successful conclusion to High Court website digital product catalogue and text copyright infringement claim November 2018.

Cornices Centre Ltd v (1) Fibrous Plasters Ltd (2) Angelika Zdrojewska (3) Andrzej Olenski IP-2017-000157

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CRM database software licensing copyright infringement

High Court cases involving copyright infringement of CRM database software and billing software have increased exponentially as software companies compete aggressively for the same licensees in the customer relations, content management and sales space.

The recent case of Ultrasoft Technologies Limited v Hubcreate Limited Case No: IP-2015-000042, at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, is a good example of how the fierce competition is being fought out through the courts. Judgment was handed down on Wednesday 16th March 2016 by Judge Hacon.

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