Digital Start Ups Marketing

In this article we take you through digital start Ups marketing. This article helps as a guide in the process towards producing an effective marketing campaign for your new digital start up.

Planning for the future
In order to understand what you want your marketing effort to achieve for you it is important to have a business plan. Where do you want your business to be? How does that change over time? What products and/or services do you offer? Think about how your products or services fulfill a need or solve a problem for a potential customer. How is your product or service different from other companies within your sector? What makes yours stand out? Who might be interested and who may benefit from having access to what you offer? Understanding your unique selling point is the first step in identifying your ideal target audience.

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Domain name disputes

The following 15 tips are not meant to substitute for legal advice from a suitable qualified lawyer. They are however a starting point for small and medium sized enterprises and consumers on UDRP and domain name disputes.

The 15 Tips

1.ICANN and the UDRP – Due to the international nature of the Internet a method of dealing with disputes over domain names that would apply internationally was needed. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) devised the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (the Policy) to allow a quick, affordable way to resolve domain name disputes without the cost and delays of Court litigation. The Policy is numbered from Paragraphs 1 to 9. In addition there are the Uniform Dispute Resolution Rules (the Rules). The Rules are numbered 1 to 21. The Policy sets out the legal rationale behind the Rules. The Rules set out the actual procedure of uniform domain name resolution. The 2 are to be read in conjunction. In addition each ICANN approved dispute resolution provider has its own rules.

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Contract breach lawsuits

Contract breach lawsuits

Contract breach lawsuits where there is a contract and the clauses are enforceable

What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between individual(s) or organisation(s) (the “Parties”) that sets out the benefits and responsibilities of the Parties between themselves.

What are contract breach lawsuist?

Company A wants to install a completely new computer network system and approaches Company B to supply and maintain the new system. After a number of meetings, someone at Company A signs a quotation attached to an agreement to supply and maintain the new system. The quotation says that Company A shall make 4 instalments of £250,000 each to Company B as payment for the supply and maintenance of the new computer system. Company A then realises that they could have got a much better deal elsewhere and wish to cancel the contract with Company B. Company A writes to Company B refusing to pay, saying that the contract is cancelled because of, amongst other things, the cooling off provisions of the distance selling regulations.

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Comments on the Digital Economy Act 2010

The digital economy act 2010 and the debate about moral concerns and the copyright wars continue to be hotly argued. One side says the recent expansion of rights and remedies to copyright holders is grotesque and disproportionate and worst of all, it will stifle innovation. The other side, who are trying to assert their rights, are saying that efficient copyright laws are needed to deal with a shift in the ever evolving paradigm of accessing and distributing copyright material. I prefer the latter view. Efficient regulation and legislation is clearly in the public good.

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Data Protection Privacy Lawyers

Data Protection Privacy Lawyers review the revised ePrivacy directive that amends the:

Directive 2002/58/EC on privacy and electronic communications, which will be implemented on the 25 May 2011.

Essentially, the amendments are designed to bring improvement to the transparency and protection of privacy and personal data of Europeans in the online space.

The areas concerned are security breaches, spyware, cookies, enforcement of the rules and spam. The key changes:

1. Crossborder cooperation is improved with the UK information commission.

2. Anybody including an ISP will be able to bring legal proceedings against spammers.

3. Reinforcement of protection against data attributes and interception of user`s communications through (e.g. spyware & cookies) have been strengthened through the opt-in mechanism. In other words, explicit consent must be obtained before a website stores, collects, or uses data relating to users.

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Sponsorship Agreements

Sponsorship Agreements

Sponsorship Agreements – basic guide to sponsorship agreements

Sponsorship is an associative marketing tool. It is defined by the International Chamber of Commerce as:

“Any commercial agreement by which a sponsor, for the mutual benefit of the sponsor and sponsored party, contractually provides financing or other support in order to establish an association between the sponsor’s image, brands or products and a sponsorship property in return for rights to promote this association and/or for the granting of certain agreed direct or indirect benefits.”

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