Is your company ready to defend against a data protection compensation claim?

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If you are still not taking GDPR compliance seriously you need to do so now!

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulations) was the biggest ever shake up to data protection laws, yet many organisations (i.e. businesses, companies, non-profit bodies) are still not properly prepared for them. It covers all types of personal data use including unwanted emails and security.

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10 most Important things to know about GDPR compliance regardless of business size

The author is a UK qualified and fully licensed current practicing solicitor specialising in intellectual property cases and digital technology. His book A Business Guide to Business Law and the Internet published in 2002 has a whole chapter dedicated to the Directive 95/46/EC Data Protection Directive implemented as the Data Protection Act 1998 which has now been wholly repealed and replaced by GDPR

The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation comes into force this Friday 25 May 2018. Here are my picks of the ten most important things you need to know about GDPR regardless of the size of your business.

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Artificial Intelligence Laws, Privacy and the GDRP

According to the term ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) was first coined in 1956, recently the pace of AI development has accelerated exponentially driven by big data, continual inventions of advanced algorithms, and ever advancing computing storage and processing power. AI essentially comprises of 1. Data 2. Information and 3. Knowledge. At its highest-level AI describes machines that are designed to mimic human behaviour. This includes how we reason, analyse, deduce and perceive. The popular depiction of AI are robots on the movie screen taking over the world, but AI is used every day in far simpler and less dramatic ways in our hospitals, schools, retail outlets, all around us.

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