Intellectual property on social media

Intellectual property on social media

Treatment of Intellectual property on social media

Websites contracts govern the relationship between websites and their users making them very important for content creators and users of the Internet.

This article is concerned with the treatment of intellectual property on social media.

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Super injunctions are not the battleground between free speech and privacy

Super injunctions are not the battleground for free speech as they have been portrayed as being in the mass media. None of the recent cases have been about the media flouting the rules on what is in the public interest to publish.

In actual fact the issues were about information which the courts have ordered to be protected ending up on Wikipedia or Twitter. Recent press coverage does not relate to super-injunctions but anonymised injunctions.

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Internet behavioural advertising

In order to understand the controversy regarding privacy and data protection and Internet behavioural advertising, it is necessary to consider the marketing concept and philosophy. At the very core of marketing is customer satisfaction, `the Customer is King`. Please see Kotler, Philip, and Gary Armstrong. Principles of Marketing. 8th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1999. In Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Elizabeth Parsons and Pauline Maclaran the following excerpt elucidates the importance of data to the core marketing concept:

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Data Protection Privacy Lawyers

Data Protection Privacy Lawyers review the revised ePrivacy directive that amends the:

Directive 2002/58/EC on privacy and electronic communications, which will be implemented on the 25 May 2011.

Essentially, the amendments are designed to bring improvement to the transparency and protection of privacy and personal data of Europeans in the online space.

The areas concerned are security breaches, spyware, cookies, enforcement of the rules and spam. The key changes:

1. Crossborder cooperation is improved with the UK information commission.

2. Anybody including an ISP will be able to bring legal proceedings against spammers.

3. Reinforcement of protection against data attributes and interception of user`s communications through (e.g. spyware & cookies) have been strengthened through the opt-in mechanism. In other words, explicit consent must be obtained before a website stores, collects, or uses data relating to users.

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Expert Internet reputation damage legal advice for companies and individuals, specialist advice on digital business related reputation claims. Get a quotation today by email or call us on 020 7305-7491.

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Internet Solicitors

lnternet Solicitors have a set of skills acquired through experience in legal practice and continuous study that allows them to identify, analyse, and find the appropriate solution to an Internet related legal problems. With this in mind we thought that it would be helpful to list 7 tips on instructing lnternet Solicitors you find via a search engine or Google ads on the Internet.

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From the beginning of modern European civilization the names of royals, aristocrats & politicians, have embodied a heightened perception of honour, importance and/or sense of purpose. Heroes like Alexander, became known as Alexander the Great, and instead of the less noble sounding name of Robert the Devil, Robert I, was popularly known as Robert the Magnificent. In turn Robert`s son was later known as William the Conqueror, as opposed to the less attractive name of William the Bastard. Celebrities now include female & male entertainers, as well as royals, aristocrats & politicians, reflecting the dramatic political, social and economic change of the twentieth century.

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