Google Ads Trademark Liability Win

Peter Adediran’s specialist niche area of practice is intellectual property law – both contentious and non-contentious – as it relates to digital works including trademarks; copyright; patents and database rights PAIL® Solicitors. Read more on PAIL’s ® Resource Library

PAIL® recently obtained judgment on liability plus costs for our client in the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. For more information about the court see the IPEC Court Guide.

The case concerned trademark use in Google Ads. Although Google have an ad policy requiring that Google Ads don’t infringe on third-party trademarks businesses still actively infringe other business brands in their Google Ad campaigns trading on the reputation of other business brands and/or diluting the brand of other businesses through overuse.

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Investment Fund Trademarks – Fund Firms Struggle to Find a Name to Call Their Own

So, you want to trademark a name for your investment fund. You have taken general legal advice and have been told that in a word phrase like ‘BARON INVESTMENTS’ the secondary words in the phrase are of no consequence in determining infringement and trademark ability. Indeed, so long as you have trademarked ‘BARON’ for financial services including investment management in the UK, EU and US markets then you can get an injunction to stop anyone else using the name ‘BARON’ as part of any word phrase for financial services in the UK, EU and US markets, and force them to recall all their advertising and pay you money damages, or/and trademark any secondary word or words with that name, right?

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