Damages for website product catalogues in IPEC cases

IPEC is a court forum designed to make it cheaper faster and simpler to dispense with intellectual property cases for SMEs’. The costs are capped at £50,000.00 and the value of cases are capped at £500,000.00 although this can be waived. Note also that the costs cap of £50,000.00 can be waived where there is a part 36 offer – PPL v Hagan [2016] EWHC 3076 (IPEC) (30 November 2016).

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Website Copyright Infringement – how to bring a case?

Website copyright infringement is one of our specialisations within the specialisation of copyright law. I’ll come back to what this first sentence means shortly.

This article is a brief discussion on the specialist area of website copyright infringement. To a non-practitioner the area of intellectual property law can be confusing. Different fields of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright, patents, design rights, are specialist areas of practice. Additional specialisation is necessary in a particular field. Within copyright law specialisation in certain commercial fields is desirable to build up skills and practical knowledge in that specific field.

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Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the subject matter of this article. Certain comments by Newey J, further to an application brought by the claimant in the case below are of interest to those who specialise in copyright matters. In giving judgment he commented that a copyright infringer was more akin to a trespasser than a thief. It is of some general interest because the words – “theft” , “piracy” and “stealing” are commonly used when referring to copyright infringement. So despite this being a slightly dated Judgment, taking place at the beginning of this year, for copyright infringement enthusiasts everywhere, I decided to review the case.

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