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“…a dream to work with…costs are fair, communication excellent and responsiveness flawless…I am most satisfied with the settlement…negotiated on our behalf and I would recommend…without hesitation.….”

    • As trademarks dispute lawyers, our trademark dispute practice is for businesses & individuals, and is part of our intellectual property practice which includes Copyrights; Design Rights; and Patents. We specialise in trademark and passing off disputes. Our niche is in trademarks and digital business platforms like websites; mobile apps; online videos; ebooks and other digital media but we bring and defend cases online and offline on behalf of our clients in the intellectual property courts relating to:


    • brand names

    • logos

    • product names

About Our Trademark Litigation Practice

    • We have a good track record of success with trademark cases in the English Courts.
    • We prosecute and defend litigation in all the intellectual property courts throughout England and Wales
    • We have a strong track record of successful outcomes in pursuing and defending against requests for temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief
    • We try to negotiate and settle disputes if we can before they can develop into litigation, but we are capable of dealing with the most combative litigants represented by much bigger firms
    • We advise clients in all aspects of their Internet branding or advertising campaigns to maximise their Intellectual Property protection and manage their risk liability against infringement claims

Domain Names

  • Domain name advice and dispute resolution – Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, Nominet
  • Oppositions
  • Litigation



We are a full-service intellectual property law practice. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email Our sole principal Peter Adediran is a UK licensed lawyer, therefore focuses on UK and EU. Our consultant Richard Jefferson is a California licensed lawyer, therefore advises on US and Californian law.

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