Trademark Dispute Quotation Form

Free Confidential Trademark Dispute Quotation Generator

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e.g. Yes. The registration number is XXXXX.

e.g. We manufacture beaty products incluidng skin bleaching cream, cellulite treatments, anti ageing cream

i.e. have you been trading for some time? Is your brand well-known? Do you have sizeable market share?

e.g. there is use of the same or very similar mark for the same goods or services that we offer, or/and customers are confused and are associating the two businesess, or/and there is reputation damage by the use of the either identical or similar mark

e.g. more than one owner of the trademark and more than one individual or entity is engaging in the infringing activity

e.g. The activity has costs us about £50,000 because our revenue has dropped for 2016 has dropped by that much since the activity has been taking place

e.g. we would like you to sue the Ds for damages, costs and interest

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