Trademark Registration Transactions Management

Trademark Services

We are specialists in the registration and enforcement of trademarks. Our services include the following:

  • UK trade mark registration
  • EU trade mark registration
  • International trade mark registration
  • Registering brand names
  • Registering logos and product names
  • Registration amendment
  • Registration surrender


  • Notice of threatened opposition (TM7a)
  • Notice of Opposition (TM7)
  • Counter statement (TM8)
  • Objection and counter statement to TM9c, TM9e, TM9t, TM53

Trade mark assignments

  • Trade mark assignment—pro-assignee
  • Trade mark assignment—pro-assignor
  • Assignment of intellectual property by way of security

Trade mark licence agreements

  • Trade mark licence—pro-licensor
  • Trade mark licence—pro-licensee
  • Trade mark—letter of consent
  • Character merchandising agreement—pro-licensor
  • Trade mark licence—luxury goods
  • Trade mark licence—manufacturing and sale of products
  • Tax wording for licence

Trade mark co-existence

  • Trade mark co-existence negotiation
  • Trade mark co-existence agreement

Management and use of trade marks

  • Managing a trade mark portfolio
  • Trade mark policy
  • Intellectual property internal audit
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