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As trademark registration solicitors, we offer a contentious and non-contentious trademark practice for businesses & individuals which is part of our intellectual property practice including Copyrights; Design Rights; and Patents. We are specialists in the registration and enforcement of problematic trademarks. Our niche is providing a high-quality service to the kind of businesses that are working hard to distinguish themselves in very crowded and competitive marketplaces. Often that can mean registration of challenging trademarks. We pride ourselves on registering the trademarks that are difficult to register and to assist businesses in their marketing strategy. Our services include the following:

Scope of Registrations

UK trademark registration
EU trademark registration
International trademark registration
Registering brand names
Registering logos and product names
Registration amendment
Registration surrender


Notice of threatened opposition (TM7a)
Notice of Opposition (TM7)
Counterstatement (TM8)

Trademark agreements

Trademark assignment—pro-assignee
Trademark assignment—pro-assignor
Transfer of intellectual property by way of security
Trademark licence—pro-licensor
Trademark licence—pro-licensee
Trademark—letter of consent
Character merchandising agreement—pro-licensor
Trademark licence—luxury goods
Trademark licence—manufacturing and sale of products
Trademark co-existence negotiation
Trademark co-existence agreement

We have the expertise and specialisation at PAIL® Solicitors to deal effectively with trademark registration and related legal matters that you might have. Even if your trademark is registered, the wrong record is useless. Contact us to make a valid trademark registration now.


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