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We provide terms and conditions for –


– which typically fall under the following broad categories:

  • Brochure website – no functionality
  • Dynamic website – user engagement (login areas etc)
  • E-commerce sites – integrated with a payment gateway
  • Web application – multiple features and bespoke functionality or processes

The terms we provide include:

B2C Terms

Businesses marketing to consumers:

  • consumer terms
  • e-commerce retail terms
  • data collection and processing terms
  • privacy terms
  • return and exchange terms
  • general terms and conditions
  • professional regulation terms
  • professional hiring terms
  • gaming terms
  • data or auto matching terms
  • location data terms
  • giveaways and promotions terms
  • digital download and streaming terms
  • guarantee contracts
  • id check terms
  • end user license terms
  • software download terms
  • shrink wrap license terms
  • profile enhancement terms
  • profile claiming terms
  • auto bidding facility terms
  • host bidding auction terms
  • reverse auction terms
  • reserve auction terms
  • absolute auction terms
  • peer to peer platform terms (e.g. p2p lending)
B2B Terms

Businesses marketing to each other:

  • e-commerce wholesale terms
  • SaaS license terms
  • customer relationship management terms
  • association management terms
  • cyber security terms
  • content management system terms
  • product information management terms
  • enterprise resource planning
  • lead generation and marketing terms
  • market automation platform terms
B2B2C Terms
    Businesses marketing to other businesses and to consumers:

  • supply chain solution terms
  • professional recruitment terms
  • Omnichannel platform terms
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