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Our business terms practice is for businesses and individuals and applies to all digital platforms. In most cases the same terms and conditions are used for websites and mobile applications for the same business. In other words, we provide terms for any platform through which a business conducts its affairs online – including its websites, applications for mobile, tablet and other smart devices and application program interfaces.
We provide terms and conditions for unique website ideas. Websites are becoming more innovative and enriching peoples lives. We want to assist you so that you can be confident on launching your site that it will not run foul of any laws and regulation. If your website is just a brochure site with no real innovation then you probably do not need our input, consider using downloadable website terms. But if you are providing a unique experience that is changing the world then we are happy to hear from you because we can help.


– typically fall under the following broad categories:

  • Brochure website – no functionality
  • Dynamic website – user engagement (login areas etc)
  • E-commerce sites – integrated with a payment gateway
  • Web application – multiple features and bespoke functionality or processes

The terms we provide include:

B2C Terms

Businesses marketing to consumers:

  • consumer terms
  • e-commerce retail terms
  • data collection and processing terms
  • privacy terms
  • return and exchange terms
  • general terms and conditions
  • professional regulation terms
  • professional hiring terms
  • gaming terms
  • data or auto matching terms
  • id check terms
B2B Terms

Businesses marketing to each other:

  • e-commerce wholesale terms
  • SaaS license terms
  • customer relationship management terms
  • association management terms
  • cyber security terms
  • content management system terms
  • product information management terms
  • enterprise resource planning
  • lead generation and marketing terms
  • market automation platform terms
  • guarantee contracts
  • end user license terms
B2B2C Terms
    Businesses marketing to other businesses and to consumers:

  • supply chain solution terms
  • professional recruitment terms
  • Omnichannel platform terms
  • host bidding auction terms
  • reverse auction terms
  • reserve auction terms
  • absolute auction terms
  • peer to peer platform terms (e.g. p2p lending)
  • location data terms
  • giveaways and promotions terms
  • digital download and streaming terms
  • profile claiming terms
  • auto bidding facility terms
  • shrink wrap license terms
  • profile enhancement terms
  • software download terms

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