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This form is the copyright of PAIL® Solicitors and is not to be downloaded or copied. All Information on this form is provided on a confidential basis.

If no company name just provide billing address.

Small: This is where your website is just a brochure advertising your products or services. Medium: A commercial UK website that is used to conduct business with multiple (more than 2) parties. Large: A multi-service commercial website with at-least 3 of the following variety of capabilities: message board, P2P network, tracker server, client applications, widgets, content sharing software, file back-up service, storage locker, social network capability, virtual world content, advertising facility, blog facility, collaboration facility, blockchain, issuing cryptocurrency, video sharing, multiple services and jurisdictions.

We need to know what specific category of services or goods you might be offering: e.g. job search or other content e.g. video blogs; live camera footage; photographs etc. Give as a full a description as possible ( i.e. a subscription based App to enable users to download studio music content for a fee etc).

Privacy Policies comply with GDPR.

Are there different subscription levels, if yes, what are they and what are the Fees and features for each type of subscription? E.g. will you be issuing reward coins to certain categories of users?

If yes, what kind of advertising will it be i.e. classified etc?

Your Acceptable Use Policy

If the answer is No and you just need to tick a box we may not be able to assist you further as we do not provide off the shelf template terms. We offer expert tailored terms and conditions. If Yes Initial Enquiry Fees are as follows: Contentious £375 Non-Contentious £350. All prices are in £ sterling and exclude VAT.

Please provide an approximate value/budget. If you don't know enter "don't know". You can assess the value by calculating the cost of fines and the third party claims, and the cost of damage to your reputation by unlawful business practices.

Check the form again to ensure that you have provided us with all the available basic information we will need, to answer any initial enquiry. Make sure required information is provided.

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