Launch a new business...

Converting an idea into reality is extremely difficult. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business manager, "giving ideas life" is hard painful labour. We assist our business clients both in the process of giving life to their ideas through advice drawn from our experience of the creative industries, and traditional intellectual property advice such as the registration, protection, exploitation, negotiation and litigation of IP rights.
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Launch a new website...

What do you do before, during and after the launch of your new website to help it succeed? As internet pioneers, we have the right knowledge and experience to help you develop your internet ideas. Giving shape to an idea requires more than just time and money. It requires knowledge and experience of the business sector. We also provide all the conventional corporate start-up legal support including: website and mobile app terms and conditions, company incorporation, administration and formalities.
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Launch your career in music...

In the music business success comes by having the right ideas whether creative or managerial. As the old saying goes, "if it were easy-everyone would do it." PAIL® was set up to support you every step of the way. We also advise on traditional music industry contracts including publishing, management, production, performance, PRS, recording, marketing, and distribution.
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What We Do

We are specialists in digital media and have been pioneering digital media for more than a decade. Additionally we provide traditional music industry advice. We can assist you whether you are signing artists for an individual release (Album/EP) or looking to sign an agreement with them encompassing all of their works.

Even in a traditional field like litigation specialist knowledge in a particular sector can make a difference in the outcome of a dispute. Whether a contracting party is refusing to perform its obligations under a contract, or a rival business is copying your website or passing themselves off as you, we can assist you.

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Our specialisation in internet related law means that we have actual experience in litigating these cases. Based on our past experience we can advise you on avoiding some of the pitfalls for an unprepared litigant in this field of law. We have brought proceedings against several Internet trolls, and have dealt with a number of cases involving business and professional rivals.

PAIL® specialises in digital media. So whether you are planning to distribute online through various channels such as Bandcamp and/or music aggregators like Tunecore, or, you are ready to set up a music publishing business, we have the expertise. We work specifically with downloads and are routinely drafting licenses to reproduce music sound recording in the form of downloads, streaming including downloads from cloud services on all devices. As digital media lawyers we work with the continually evolving digital files, and continually evolving digital music platforms.

As well as our internet bent, we offer traditional legal advice on all types of open source and proprietary technology contracts including but not limited to patent and copyright related contracts, software licensing agreements, software copyright licence contracts, infringement of copyright in software claims, software maintenance agreements, technology outsourcing agreements, offshoring contracts, technology escrow agreements, developer contributor agreements, open source contributor agreements, and network integration agreements.

We offer conventional legal advice to the modelling and fashion industry. We regularly write terms and conditions for fashion retail and auction websites, fashion related commercial contracts, and negotiate advances for new faces that are looking to break the London market. Our focus on digital means we always take a 360 degree approach to all our media and entertainment projects

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What Our Clients Say

  • Peter is a dream to work with. His costs are fair, communication excellent and responsiveness flawless. I am most satisfied with the settlement which Peter negotiated on our behalf and I would recommend him without hesitation.

    Richard HudsonManaging Director of ReAgent
  • Peter manages to combine great approachability with the production of speedy, clear and accurate advice at a reasonable cost. These attributes combined are, I think, rather rare for a lawyer!

    Deborah HudsonIndependent Singing Teacher and Singer
  • Peter was engaged by us to create terms of use and a privacy policy for our new business. He was quick to point out some facts that we may have missed otherwise and was speedy in his delivery of the contracts. For what it's worth I believe he did an excellent job, delivered in the time scales and provided both excellent value for money the professional expertise we needed. I would recommend Peter to any one else looking for legal advice re internet business.

    John HorsleyDirector, Digital Doughnut - Global Digital Marketing Community
  • Peter was very good at delivering new terms and conditions for one of our brands, he delivered on time and on budget. Would recommend!

    Jordan GrossCo-Founder at Oval Space
  • Peter is a very smart lawyer who is able to thnk outside the box. He has a thorough understanding of internet commerce and law.

    Femi Oguntokun MacaulayChief Marketing Officer at GE Money Bank AG (Switzerland)
  • I greatly enjoyed working with Peter. I particularly appreciated his deep understanding of the internet – both the technology and its legal considerations. With this knowledge he was always quick to identify the legal issues in our business plans and to provide clear advice on how to address those issues.

    Dave MaceBusiness Development Director at Sceneric
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