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Your success in the entertainment world starts here with our entertainment lawyers. PAIL® is a supporter of all creative arts.

Modelling Solicitors

Modelling Solicitors

Our firm focuses on modelling and music.

Why choose us

* We have connections with seasoned agents and managers from around the world.

* The firm prides itself on being at the forefront of what is current in modelling and music.

* Our advice is innovative and effective.

* The energy of the firm is vibrant and active like the industries served.

Who will use us

Whether you are a model, actor, dancer, vocalist, DJ, bands, producer, manager or agent our entertainment lawyers can help you negotiate your entertainment contracts.

Our areas of expertise are

– High fashion runway models
– Celebrity
– Film, Television, & Radio
– New faces modelling contracts
– Live events
– Children
– Industry (Make-up, Hair, Stylist, Photographers)

The Digital World

We understand the traditional entertainment industry as well as the transformation caused by entertainment 3.0.

The digital era has changed the entertainment world.

Digital music files have transformed the music industry.

Social media has changed the modelling industry forever.

In the world of Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites, the definition of celebrity status has broadened.

Social media can make an overnight star – and many have like Justin Bieber on YouTube.

We are the place where models, music, film and television meet. For instance, Robert Thicke’s video for Blurred Lines was the launch of Emily Ratajkowski’s career.

There are now more opportunities to break into the world of music and modelling thanks to the digital era.

Privacy and social media

With more exposure and more opportunity, comes more risk and the need for an entertainment lawyer.

Models, musicians, and people working in the different parts of the entertainment industry have always been in the public eye.

Nowadays, it’s not just the traditional media and the paparazzi its social media as well. Within minutes, smartphones can capture images, and hacked cloud accounts can enable pictures and videos going viral on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a problem for celebrities who had little privacy before and now face the digital world, too.

Protection of images has also become more important because of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Although social media has made celebrities more accessible, it has also created more reputation management and privacy issues. Our firm is very experienced in getting effective injunctions in online defamation or cyberstalking cases.

Competition is higher than ever

Everyone in the entertainment world is feeling the pressure of the growing competition. Aspiring and established artists are finding the competition to be fierce.

As well as having to compete with the sheer number of new artists breaking onto the scene, they also have to fight with the new ways in which music and movies are being viewed and distributed, including streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix.

It’s those who have a great management team around them including specialised lawyers that can negotiate payment of royalties, defend the integrity of artists that stand the better chance of success.


The entertainment industry involves the dreams of children, singers, dancers, actors, and although hard work and great talent, is essential so is good legal representation.

Whether it’s social media protection or management you need or contracts for a reality talent show, our entertainment lawyers can make your life easier.

Typically we provide:

  1. Model Management Representation Contracts
  2. Actor Contracts
  3. Director Contracts
  4. Writer Contracts
  5. Book Publishing Contracts
  6. Music Publishing Contracts
  7. Recording Contracts
  8. Social Media Management Contracts
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