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IP/Tech LawyerPeter Adediran - Internet Lawyer
PAIL® Solicitors is an Internet law technology-focused law firm run by Mr Peter Adediran and his support team specialising in three practice areas – Intellectual Property; Digital Technology and Entertainment Law.
Our firm is different in that we aim to build an IP/technology community, where existing clients can receive tailored contemporary legal advice but also where they can make connections with other business within the digital business ecosystem. We are passionate about creatives and innovation and work with entrepreneurs on the most cutting edge and innovative emerging markets. Our work includes working on social media influencer or eSports campaigns. We regularly advise on IP litigation, fashion campaigns and mobile apps and website design and development projects. Whether you are a fashion, tech, gaming or utilities business, if it is cutting edge and innovation, then we want to get involved.
Over more than 20 years, Peter Adediran and PAIL® Solicitors through my passion for innovation have built a business ecosystem consisting of a network of interlinked companies and contacts that can dynamically interact with each other to grow sales and thrive in Europe, the US and the Middle-East.

Whether a client is a sole trader; talent – actor, model, visual artist, dancer; small business; or a medium-sized corporation, Peter Adediran’s PAIL® Solicitors’ practice can assist you.

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PAIL® Solicitors is a boutique firm that punches above its weight achieving successful outcomes in contentious disputes against much larger well-resourced law firms. Due to it’s niche, it has managed some very successful website and app projects worldwide to date.

In today’s digital economy, many of our clients sell their products and services outside of the UK. PAIL® Solicitors offers international trademark, patent, copyright and design right registration searches.

Registration of intellectual property is only one aspect of our service. The team at PAIL® have an established reputation for conducting hotly contested litigation with national and cross-border elements.

As well as the intellectual property practice at PAIL® there is a depth of expertise in transaction matters including the purchase and sale of companies, raising finance, and writing business terms that comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

Unlike many law firms that bill their clients entirely at hourly rates, my firm is more flexible offering fixed fee arrangements.

We represent all types of businesses in all industries as well as musicians, actors, artists, television producers, authors models, as well as corporations and other organisations.

If you would like to discuss any intellectual property concerns or digital media matters or need entertainment law related advice, please contact Mr Peter Adediran using the contact form on our contact page.

Our mission statement consists of three main elements. T& C’s


    • Assisting established SME’s, corporations, entrepreneurs; startups; model and talent clients with their intellectual property contentious & non-contentious.

Specialisation & Time

    • We chose the Internet space and are experts in solving the problems facing SME’s in the digital world.
    • We understand the importance of time to SME’s and have quick turnaround times.


    • Service business and professionals – tradesmen
    • Health professionals – Tech Vendors – Models – Writers – Musicians
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