Copyright Registration


Our practice areas within Intellectual Property Rights are for businesses and individuals. They are contentious and non-contentious:- copyright; trademarks; design rights; and patents.
Small Biz Lawyers

Small Biz Lawyers

What does copyright protect?

Copyright protects original works. We can assist you in protecting all types of works.

To enforce your copyright in a court of law you must go through a due diligence process for technology related works like websites, mobile apps and software. If you don’t there is a significant risk that your work will fail the copyright test.

In summary, we are specialists in providing legal advice in the following areas:

Copyright Clearances

  • Script clearances
  • Title clearance reports
  • Permissions for product, artwork, and props
  • Clearances in film & television


Copyright Registration


  • Typical works include
  • mobile apps
  • websites
  • cakes
  • online video
  • Books
  • Music
  • Film Scripts
  • Screenplays


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