Online Defamation

“…I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Mr Adediran for his assistance and dogged determination to protect my human rights.”

Internet Defamation – Businesses

  • Locating on-line libellous and/or unlawful content.
  • Issuing take-down notices to the relevant internet service providers.
  • Issuing take-down notices to the actual owners of the infringing web-sites themselves.
  • Following through with such further correspondence as we consider appropriate in our reasonable discretion).
  • Issuing pre-action protocol letter for libel and/or harassment.
  • Instituting Court proceedings.

Internet Content Removal

  • Internet libel protection – privacy protection / reputation management.
  • Removal of unlawful content and intrusion of privacy for individuals and families.
  • Cyberstalker Defence – advice, assistance and action in relation to cyberstalkers.
  • YouTube, Facebook & Twitter – removing unwanted photographs and other abusive content from social media platforms.
  • Domain Name Recoveries – securing the recovery / managing the return of domain names registered and being used unlawfully by cyber squatters.
  • Our Internet Content Take-down services do not include court proceedings. We provide content take-down for business to consumer as well as business to business.
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Reputation Management

Our reputation management practice is for businesses and individuals and is one of the areas of practice within our information law practice. Our information rights practice consists of contentious and non-contentious – data protection; confidential information; Database transactions and management; and reputation management.

Reputation management consists of:

  • Defamation
  • Privacy and misuse of private information

We specialise in the niche area of digital platforms. We focus only on information rights within our niche which typically are users of digital platforms and service providers of those platforms. As a result, our practice focuses on Internet defamation. As one of the first Internet law firms, we have in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience in this niche area and a long list of successful results.

We are a full-service information rights practice focused on digital media platforms. For a consultation with us use our contact form or email

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