Trademark Registration Quotation Form

Free Trademark Quotation Generator

This form is the copyright of PAIL® Solicitors and is not to be downloaded or copied. All Information on this form is provided on a confidential basis.

If no company name just provide billing address.

i.e. is your mark too descriptive or already registered to someone else

e.g. Marks that are descriptive or are considered immoral are not capable of registration and will be refused.

If the answer is No please note that we do not offer pro bono work. If Yes Initial Enquiry Fees are as follows: Contentious £375 Non-Contentious £350. All prices are in £ sterling and exclude VAT.

Please provide an approximate value/budget. If don't know enter "don't know".

Check the form again to ensure that you have provided us with all the available basic information we will need, to answer any initial enquiry. Make sure you complete required information.

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